SY28611FAC - Dimming Interface Converter Compatible With 0/1~10V Dimming Resistor Dimming And PWM Dimming


  • Compatible with 0/1~10V Dimming, Resistor Dimming and PWM Dimming
  • Recognize Different Dimming Dignal Automatically
  • Integrate 60V LDO Module to Simplify External Circuit
  • The Source Current for Passive 0/1~10V Dimmer Can Be Set
  • The Frequency of Output Can Be Set
  • RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free
  • Compact Package: SO8

Typical Application


SY28611 is a dimming interface converter whose input signal can be a 0/1~10V dimming signal, resistor, or PWM signal. It recognizes the signal automatically. The final output of SY28611 is a PWM signal which is used to control a dimmable CC regulator or drive an opto-coupler to achieve isolated dimming. The frequency of output PWM signal and the source current to drive passive 0~10V dimmer/Resistor can be set by external capacitor and resistor.


  • LED Lighting