SY24106LQEC - High Performance, High Fidelity Digital Audio-Power Amplifier


  • 2×10W Into 8Ω Loads From a 13.2V Supply
  • 2×15W Into 8Ω Loads From a 16V Supply
  • 2.0 BTL Mode or Single-filter PBTL Mode Support
  • 4.5V to 16.5V PVDD Range
  • 32kHz to 96kHz Sample Rate Support (LJ/RJ/I2S)
  • I2C Address Selection Pin
  • Independent Channel Volume Controls with 48dB to Mute
  • SDATA Generator (I2S Output)
  • Two DC Blocking Filters
  • 14 PEQs or 10 PEQs + 4 SPEQs Each Channel for Speaker Protection and Speaker Compensation
  • 3 Bands Dynamic Range Control  Plus a Post Dynamic Range Control
  • Loudness  Control
  • Power Level Meter
  • I2C Serial Control Interface Operational Without SCLK
  • Thermal, Over Current, Short Circuit Protection and EQ/DRC Coefficients Checksum
  • Support Automatic Audio Sample Rate Detection
  • SY24106LQEC Surface Mount, QFN 32Pin, 5mm×5mm
  • BD or Ternary Mode Support

Typical Application


The SY24106L is a digital audio power amplifier for driving bridge-tied stereo speakers at up to 2×20W maximum output power. One serial data input allows processing of up to two discrete audio channels and seamless integration to most digital audio processors. The SY24106L is an I2S slave device receiving all clocks from external sources.
The SY24106L has the essential audio signal processing functions like dynamic range control, loudness control and parametric equalization.


  • LCD  TV, LED TV or Monitor
  • Digital Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker
  • Sound Bar