Stable and reliable communications equipment design starts with stable, reliable and always-on power design. Silergy's high-reliability and highly integrated isolated DC/DC controller solutions ensure the safe and reliable operation of the communication systems.

Sophisticated power management has greatly improved the efficient and performance of home and commercial air conditioners.  Silergy offers highly reliable AC/DC, DC/DC, display and motor driver solutions to optimize the cost and efficiency of modern air conditioner design.

Modern refrigerators require high efficiency electronics for cooling and air circulation, as well as support for display and interfaces. Silergy can provide high-reliability AC/DC, DC/DC, LDO, protection chip, motor drive and screen power supply solutions.

Photovoltaic inverters come in many forms. However, whether a single centralized, string or micro-type, these inverters require high-reliability AC/DC, DC/DC, LDO, isolated power and current detection solutions available in Silergy's wide product portfolio.

For the highest reliability, high power grid systems must detect and isolate faults.  Often this requires precise control of the relay that allows grid branches to be isolated when faults are detected. Silergy's high-reliability AC/DC, DC/DC, LDO and isolated power supply solutions are ideal for this important relay control.

Silergy provides high-efficiency, low power consumption and high power factor adapter solutions for small household appliances.  See our flexible, reliable and cost-competitive solutions in the Silergy Product Selection Guide.

More convenient and secure than traditional lock, Smart locks provide control via RF, fingerprint, image recognition and more.   Silergy's low-power, high-reliability DC/DC products, Hall and optical sensors, and motor drive solutions as a great match for modern smart lock design.

Photovoltaic (PV) monitoring is crucial for logging performance, and also for implementing fast shutoff when faults are detected, either autonomously or when commanded from a central inverter.  Silergy provides high-efficiency, high-reliability DC/DC, LDO and current detection solutions for PV monitoring.