New sophisticated multi-functional washing and drying features have recently pushed washing machine design to include high-end user interfaces and efficient energy-saving motor control. Silergy can provide high-reliability AC/DC, DC/DC, LDO, protection devices, motor drive and screen power supply solutions.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) use onboard power storage to provide highly stable power for many critical systems. Silergy's high-reliability AC/DC, DC/DC, LDO, isolated power supply and current detection solutions are ideally suited to UPS design.

EV Charger stations, whether moderate power AC-type or high power DC-type are an essential part of the rapid electrification of vehicles. System designers face challenges to ensure safe, fast and efficient charging systems are available at an affordable price.  Silergy provides high-reliability AC/DC, DC/DC, LDO, isolated power supply, current detection and protection chip solutions to meet the challenges of EV charging systems.

Industrial Control Computers support a wide variety of communication interfaces, robust Human-Machine interaction and are designed for highly reliable operation on a factory floor or embedded into dedicated equipment.  Miniaturization, power efficiency and high reliability are key. Silergy's high-reliability AC/DC, DC/DC, protection and screen power solutions are an ideal match.

Elevator control system form the hub of control and communication between floors and even between multiple elevators. These systems increase capacity, utilization and energy efficiency.  LCD based panels with touch sensitive virtual buttons greatly enhance the flexibility of the individual panels. Silergy has a wide array of LCD panel power products, as well as DC/DC and LDO solutions.

Portable barcode scanners are indispensable in medical, retail, logistics and production control systems.  Accuracy, response time and high reliability are important design considerations. Silergy has a wide range of solutions, including high-efficiency chargers, high-precision DC/DC, Flash LED drivers and protection switches devices.

The self-contained miniature PV micro-inverter requires high-reliability AC/DC, DC/DC, LDO, isolated power and current detection solutions available in Silergy's wide product portfolio.

Silergy provides a wide variety of LED driver and automotive power solutions for your adaptive headlight, animated taillight and interior and cockpit lighting needs.

Modern server design requires very high power for multi-core and multi-processor designs that support cloud and on-premises data centers.  Silergy's high-current DC/DC converters, low-dropout linear regulator, DDR regulators, hot-swap control and current detection devices are designed to address the challenges of server design.