High Efficiency, 1.5A, Two-Cell Boost Li-Ion Battery Charger With System Power Path Management

High Efficiency Bi-direction Power Bank Regulator for Single-cell Battery Power Bank

Multi-Cell Synchronous Buck-Boost Battery Charger Controller with NVDC Power Path Management

15W WPC-compliant Wireless Power Receiver

Qi v1.2 Compliant Wireless Power Receiver

5A, Single Cell Li-Ion DC/DC Switching Charger with I2C Control, USB Detection and OTG JEITA Compliant, Power Path Management

3 to 6 Series Cell Battery Monitor, Balance, Protection for Li-ion and Phosphate Application

15W WPC-compliant Wireless Power Receiver

High Efficiency Step-down Converter

PD3.0, QC3.0/2.0, SCP, FCP, AFC and Apple 2.4A, High Voltage and Current, Bi-directional Regulator for Li-Ion Battery Power Bank Application