Modern IP camera design requires many disciplines: imaging, motor control, fast multiple data stream transmission and sophisticated on-board computing. Silergy's wide portfolio of DC/DC, motor control, light sensors, IR-LED drivers and PoE devices are excellent choices for IP camera design. Our solutions support a wide range of designs with low power at an attractive cost.

With speeds up to 400GB/s, optical modules require precision control of the laser diode, optical receiver, and interfaces both for the optical and electronic interfaces. Silergys highly integrated power modules, DC conversion solutions,  charge pumps, etc. can assist in the design of optical module that are small, low cost and high speed.

Large format LED walls are widely used indoors and out for a broad range of applications. Controlling the large LED matrix relies on distributed computing throughout the system, requiring high current DC/DC, DDR power devices, as well as hot-swap and interface protection devices, all part of Silergy's extensive product portfolio.

Whether used in transportation, power tools or PV storage, industrial battery packs require an integrated battery management system (BMS) for safe, reliable and efficient operation. BMS typically include an accurate analog front end (AFE) data converters, interface and power management functions that can measure and control charge and discharge of the pack, as well as measure voltage, current and temperature. Silergy provides high-precision AFE solutions that support a high series cell count, and many high-efficiency power management solutions.

GPS trackers have become ubiquitous in transportation, logistics, field engineering survey, IoT and more. Often battery powered, these systems need high-accuracy, efficient and low noise power designs as well as battery charge and control. Silergy's extensive power management portfolio is ideal for designing GPS receivers.

Optimizing PV modules requires precise power control to ensure high power efficiency, robust protection of the module and sophisticated instrumentation.  Consider Silergy's high-precision voltage and current detection, high efficiency high-voltage DC/DC, high-voltage MOS drivers devices in your system design.

Silergy's broad range of high-efficiency and high-reliability industrial grade products can meet most industrial applications, including that required by servo control of high performance NC and other servo control systems.

Consisting of a central processing module, printer, secure communications and often an integrated battery and charger, POS devices require compact and robust power design.  Silergy can provide complete and efficient power management solutions, a wide variety of charging management solutions (boost, buck, etc.) and motor drive (DC and step) devices.

Whether wired or battery powered, power tool designs require small, rugged and efficient performance.  Silergy has a broad range of high-power AC/DC, BMS battery monitoring and protection, high efficiency high-voltage DC/DC and high-precision current detection solutions to assist designing safe, efficient and intelligent power tools.

Whether LCD, OLED or micro-LED, Smart TV continue to ever larger screens, impressive resolutions and embedded computing power. Silergy has cost-effective system solutions, including high-power AC/DC, high-efficiency high-current DC/DC, high-power audio class-D and many interface protection chip solutions.