HV TRIAC Linear Dimming Controller, High Efficiency, PF>0.7

Dimmable, high Efficiency Linear Driver With Integrated 350V MOSFET

High Efficiency 6A, 1.5MHz, I2C Programmable Inductor Built-in Synchronous Step Down Regulator

Automotive HVAC is especially critical in hybrid and electric vehicle design. Our broad product portfolio includes brushless motor drivers, buck converters, MCU and other devices that can help you design efficient HVAC systems conventional or hybrid/electric vehicles.

Light, small and powerful notebook computers are popular platforms for home and professional use. Silergy offers complete, high performance solutions for point of load power conversion, display drivers, battery management, processor and memory supply as well as USB interface and protection solutions. Our portfolio of products enable the high efficiency and miniaturization necessary for leading notebook designs.

Silergy's high-efficiency, high-current DC/DC, power modules, input hot swat control device are ideal for high performance video matrix devices.

Solid state disks (SSD) continue to grow as a popular and robust alternative to conventional hard disk drives. Silergy's client SSD solutions include point of load, PMIC, power loss and power protection functions.  All feature high power density, robust protection and high efficiency.   These products combine high performance and reliability a price point demanded by the fast growing client SSD market.

Professional and consumer notebook users often prefer a docking station that connects all their peripherals, displays and accessories without separate cables. Docking station design requires high power density, complex routing of power and interface signals with robust port protection. Silergy's efficient power supply solutions (buck, boost and buck-boost converters), port protection devices, current detection and load switching devices are ideal for this application.

Silergy's highly integrated light measurement products provide full spectrum light sensing for pulse oximeter system design. Lower quiescent power conversion and ESD devices are also ideal for these designs.

The Telematics Control Unit (TCU) provides communications, storage and control of vital vehicle systems. Silergy has developed high-performance DC-DC, LDO power management devices as well as audio, ESD protection and other products for the TCU.