78M6610+PSD - Energy Measurement Processor for Power-Supply Units


  • High resolution delta-sigma ADC with three analog (sensor) inputs for monitoring inlet voltage, current, and temperature
  • Precision internal voltage and timing references minimize external components
  • SPI, I2C, or UART interface options with configurable I/O pins for alarm signaling, address pins, or user control

Typical Application


The 78M6610+PSD is an energy measurement processor (EMP) designed specifically for real-time monitoring at the input of AC/DC or DC/DC power converters. The proven solution requires only a few external components and significantly minimizes the calibration costs needed to achieve precision accuracy.   The device is available in either a 24-pin TQFN or 16-pin TSSOP package for optimal space savings.

The 78M6610+PSD provides three analog inputs for interfacing to voltage, current, and an optional temperature sensor. Signals from the sensors are fed to the analog front-end. An embedded 24-bit energy measurement processor (EMP) with PSD firmware performs all the necessary computation, compensation, and data formatting for accurate, real-time reporting to the host.


  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • DC/DC Power Supplies
  • Lighting Ballasts